Welcome aboard the sailing vessel Griffin...

She is my home and my path to adventure.  Please be my guest any time you'd like and we will explore the waters and countries of the Caribbean and meet the people who live there.

For the near future my cruising grounds will consist mostly of Belize, the Bay Islands of Honduras and the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.  That should take Griffin and her crew through the end of the hurricane season in 2006.  After that, things get pretty fuzzy!  Maybe Panama and Colombia, but hey, it all depends on which way the wind is blowing.

That’s the joy of cruising…all plans are subject to change and I have no schedule.  Okay, I do know what year it is, and most likely the month, too.  The day of the week is defined by the local market days, the actual date is unimportant.  The clocks have only hour hands…close enough!

Yes, it does sound like a dream.  And most of the time it feels like one, too.  But I do miss family and friends, and there are those moments out here when the adrenalin really flows.  Now, thanks to my dear friends Thane and Tami who developed this website, I can be in touch and share the dream.

So put your feet up, mate, and sail with Griffin through a little bit of paradise! Clothing optional…

Monkey Bay Marina, The Movie

by Hal Schade

My Debut Film ....



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