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Cruising Areas - Florida

Key West

Updated:  04/01/2010

Key West is a premier cruising destination.  It offers something for everyone.  Great sailing, beautiful crystal clear water, great snorkeling and diving, historic architecture, tons of good restaurants, any kind of nightlife you desire; I could go on, but you get the idea.

Cruising Guides:

Key West Anchorages & Marinas

Double click on map above for larger view.


Noted on map above are the most convenient to Downtown.  We have anchored by both Christmas Tree Island and Fleming Key.  The view from the anchorage is great.  Tall ships cruising by in the sunset, cruise ships coming and going, there is always something to see.  We found that the holding is not that great and it is very bumpy and rolly due to currents, winds, and non-stop boat traffic.  

Dinghy Dock, Shower and Trash Disposal:

You can purchase shower privileges & dinghy dockage at Key West Bight Marina.  A shower key is a $25 deposit and $20.00 weekly or $60.00 monthly.  Dinghy dockage at the seaport is $6.00 a day, $26.50 a week or $80.00 a month.  The showers are located along the boardwalk at the public restroom facility between Turtle Krauls and the Water Front Market.  Dinghy dock is located in front of Turtle Krauls restaurant.  There is also short-term free dinghy dockage in front of the Half Shell Restaurant (no longer than 2 hours).

There is a large trash compactor/dumpster located behind the public restrooms.

Marinas:Print Marina List


A and B Marina
700 Front Street, PO Box 432 Key West, FL 33040-6688
(305) 294-2535 toll free:  (800) 223-8352.  Go To Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16/10, Lat:  2433.706'N, Long:  08148.208'W
  • A & B is one of the most popular marinas when visiting Key West.
  • Rates:  Daily dockage:  $3.00 /ft.  Cable TV, water & electricity included with daily dockage rate up to one 50 amp power cord.  Seasonal Dockage:  $50.00 /ft. per month, plus $100 per month for utilities.

Conch Harbor Marina
951 Caroline Street, Key West, FL 33040-6636 (305) 294-2933  Go To Website 

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16, Lat:  2433.779'N, Long:  08148.028'W
  • Conch Harbor is a small, but nice marina.
  • Rates:  Transient rates $3.50/ft. 35' minimum, includes utilities.  Special occasion dockage: $5.00/ft. 5 day minimum.

Galleon Resort Marina
617 Front Street, Key West, FL 33040 
(305) 292-1292 / (800) 544-3030   After hours:  (305) 294-0653  Go To Website 

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16, Lat:  2433.754'N, Long:  08148.229'W
  • Galleon Marina is part of the resort so you get access to the hotel facilities which includes the pool, bar & rooftop to watch the sunset.  One of the most popular along with A&B.  Floating docks.
  • Rates:  Transient dockage:  $3.50/ft.  Special occasion dockage:  $4.25/ft (Fantasy Fest, etc.) 30' minimum vessel charge.

Key West Bight Marina (City Marina - Historic Seaport Marina)  
201 William Street, Key West, FL  33040
(305) 296-3838  Go To Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16, Lat:  2433.743'N, Long:  08148.065'W
  • Rates:  Transient dockage:  $2.75/ft. per day, $44.00/ft. monthly.  Metered electric.  Special occasion dockage:  $3.00/ft. per day - 5 day minimum.  120 day limit per year.  Special occasion dockage:  $3.50/ft. 5 day minimum.   

Key West Westin Resort and Marina
245 Front Street, Key West, FL 33040-8313
(305) 294-4000, After hours:  (305) 292-4375  Go To Website - no marina info on website

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16, Lat:  2433.352'N, Long:  08148.484'W
  • Rates:  Transient dockage: $3.00/ft. + 18.00 per day utilities.  Special occasion varies per event.  Fantasy Fest is $5.00/ft. with a $1000 deposit advance.

Garrison Bight Marina (City Marina)
1801 N. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West, FL 33040
(305) 292-8167  Go To Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16, Lat:  2433.606'N, Long:  08147.054'W
  • Rates:  $1.90/ft. plus $6.25 utility charge per day, $34.00/ft. monthly. (3 month max stay per year) $25.00 shower key deposit.

Garrison Bight Mooring Field
Located north of City Marina, in the area between Fleming Key and Sigsbee Park.
(305) 292-8167  Go To Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel 16, Call Mooring Field Dockmaster.  Lat:  2434.600'N, Long:  08147.225'W
  • Mid-way between Duval Street & the major shopping area.  About a 10 block walk to Seaport/Duval area & about 10 blocks to the major grocery stores.  Bus stops nearby.  We stayed in the mooring field in 2005.  It's not bad unless a north wind is blowing and then there is no protection.  
  • Rates:  $16.56 daily, $291.89 monthly.  Includes dinghy dockage & shower facilities.  New shower & laundry facilities.

Most marinas on Stock Island are a $25-30 taxi ride into Key West.  There are bus stops all around Stock Island.

Key West Harbor Yacht Club
6000 Peninsular Ave. Key West, FL 33040 
(305) 292-3121  Go to Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel:  16, Lat: 2433.818'N, Long: 08143.536'W
  • Very nice facility with fitness center, restaurant, store & pool onsite.  Floating docks.
  • Rates:  n/a

Oceanside Marina
5950 Peninsula Avenue, Key West, FL 33040 
(305) 294-4676  Go to Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel:  none, Lat: 2433.726'N, Long: 08143.838'W
  • Rates: Transient dockage:  n/a at this time

Safe Harbor Marina 
6810 Front Street, Key West, FL 33040-6054 
(305) 294-9797, After hours:  (305) 747-4733 Go To Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel:  none, Lat:  2434.026'N, Long:  08143.967'W
  • In old town Stock Island.  It's an interesting marina.  Hogfish Restaurant & Bar is at this marina.
  • Rates:  n/a

Stock Island Marina Village
6801 Shrimp Road, Key West, FL  33040
(305) 294-2288  Go to Website

  • Side tie or med moor along a concrete wall.
  • Rates:   $2.00 ft per day and $20.00 ft./mo. side-to & $15 ft./mo. stern to.  Monthly fee includes electric, water, monthly pump out, and wireless internet.  It also includes a Fitness Center, Dog Park, and Bath House.

Sunset Marina:  5555 College Rd, Key West, FL 33040 
(305) 296-7101  Go To Website

  • Monitors VHF Channel:  16, Lat:  2434.689'N, Long:  08145.057'W
  • If you are coming into the marina, call and get directions.  It is a little tricky to get into the marina.  The Dockmaster will even meet you after you come into Garrison Bight to guide you in if you'd like.
  • Rates:  $2.75/ft. per day, $33/ft. monthly.  Special occasion rates:  $3.50/ft. 3 night minimum. 
  • Murray Marine:  5710 US Highway 1, Key West, FL 33040  (305) 296-0364  Go to Website
  • Robbie's Full Services Marine:  7281 Shrimp Road, Key West, FL 33040  (305) 294-1124  Go to Website
  • Spencer's Boat Yard:  701 Palm Ave., Key West, FL  33040  (305) 296-8826

Provisioning/Boat Suppliers: 

  • Grocery Stores:  
    • Fausto's Food Palace:  522 Fleming Street, (305) 296-5663 and 1105 White Street, (305) 294-5221  Go to Website
    • Waterfront Market:  201 William St., (305) 296-0778 (located on the Harborwalk)  Go to Website
    • Sugar Apple (health food store):  917 Simonton Street, (305) 292-0043‎  Go to Website
  • Marine Stores:
    • Key West Marine Hardware:  818 Caroline Street, (305) 294-3519‎
    • West Marine:  725 Caroline St., (305) 295-0999 
  • Grocery Stores:
    • Albertson's Market: 1112 Key Plaza, (305) 292-2013‎
    • Publix Market:  3316 North Roosevelt Boulevard, (305) 296-2225‎
    • Winn-Dixie:  2778 North Roosevelt Boulevard, (305) 294-0658‎
  • Marine Stores:
    • West Marine:  5790 2nd Avenue, Stock Island (305) 294-2025‎


  • The Bus System:  Key West has a pretty good bus system.  Current bus schedule & rates.  You can receive real-time information on when a bus will arrive at Key West Transit or by calling (305) 600-1455.
  • Taxi Services:  There are several taxi companies in Key West.  It's expensive to travel by taxi, but when you are provisioning it's more convenient that the bus.  

Special Notes: 

RE-ENTRY INTO THE US  Customs:  800-432-1216.  We called the number and were told to take all our fruits & vegetables to the custom's office.  We packed up all our Mexican produce and carried it over to them.  Filled out a little paperwork and that was it.  Easy as pie.  We do have a custom's number that we applied for, I assume everyone has that now, but if not, it's $25.00 a year, you get the number and it seems to make checking in easier.   


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