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Pita Bread PizzaContributed by:  Joe Alves, s/v Trinkka


  • 9" Pita bread
  • Prego (or your favorite) Marinara Sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • Your favorite pizza toppings

I've been on a diet since New Years day when I came down with some kind of a flu bug and I thought that this would be an excellent time to go on a diet.  I've cut down on meat and have started eating more vegetables and less bread. 

However, I love pizza particularly with a linguica* topping.  My wife started experimenting with various crusts and she bought some round 9" Pita breads and spread Prego Marinara Sauce and shredded Mozzarella cheese on it.   She fried the linguica separately and used it to top the pizza with.  All it takes is about 12 minutes in the oven set at about 300 degrees. 

Joe's Stove-Top Oven aboard s/v TrinkkaThis year I'm planning on making pizza aboard "Trinkka" in my Stanley ovenette stove-top oven.   The crust is thin, but you can get four regular size slices out of one Pita bread and that's enough for me. So for me to make a pizza in a 22 foot sailboat is a pretty good challenge, right?   I can just hear the guys on the yacht club dock right now;  "Hey get load of this!  "Joe's cooking pizza on his boat!"  "Who'da thunk it?"  

*Editor's Note:  I had to google linguica and found it on wiseGeek.  Linguiça is a type of sausage which comes from Portugal. It is also known as linguica or linguisa. The sausage is distinguished by a mildly spicy flavor tempered with a smoking process which makes the sausage flavorful and tender. Linguiça can be found in soups and breads, and it is also used for things like sandwich fillings.   

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